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I’m a student from Gawler, South Australia. I live (and travel!) with my dad Michael, mum Andrea and sister Ava.


I’ve been passionate about filmmaking ever since I was a little boy - I used to produce home videos that I’d show to my family, and as I grew older, film production stuck as one of my strong passions. I believe that video production is such a fantastic way to get a message that you’re passionate about out to the world!


Then, when I was 11 years old, my parents brought a camper trailer and I immediately loved the weekends and school holidays we spent away camping at some spectacular locations across South Australia. I started to mix my passion of filmmaking with travelling, which resulted in me producing my own travelling shorts.


As I moved into high school, I realised that a lot of young people my age did not get the opportunities to travel with their families. So, I started to direct my short holiday films at teenagers and their families. I developed a new passion: to encourage teenagers and their families to get off the couch and into the great outdoors!


In 2018, at the age of 15, I launched Off the Couch with Ethan; a camping-based travel show hosted and produced by me, that encourages young people to get out into the great outdoors and go travelling with their families. I was offered a chance to broadcast my program on Adelaide’s community television station, C44, and later C31 Melbourne. These stations provided and still provide me with the opportunity to extend my audience and get my message out to young people across the country.


In January 2019, I was honoured to be a joint winner of the Town of Gawler Young Citizen of the Year award, which was an absolute privilege to be recognised by my community.


Later that year, I was honoured to be nominated for 5 awards at the 2019 Antenna Awards (think the Logies - but for community TV!), including Best Program and Personality of the Year.

In 2021, I was again privileged to be nominated for 4 Antenna Awards, and was delighted to have won Best Outdoor or Recreational Program at the 2021 Antenna Awards.

In January 2022, it was an honour and a privilege to again be awarded the Town of Gawler's Young Citizen of the Year for 2022, for my contribution to the community. I absolutely love being involved in the Town of Gawler, and to be recognised back by your community, is truly an honour. 

In the November 2022 Local Government Elections, I was elected to the position of Councillor for the Town of Gawler. On 22 November, I was officially sworn in, and now have the privileged to serve this community I care so much for.


There are so many people who have helped me along the way: my family, friends, sponsors, school and all the viewers, who have supported me in so many ways.


I am now continuing to produce my television show which I hope to continue to inspire teenagers and their families to get off the couch! I'm also grateful for the opportunities to speak to young people, facilitate workshops and emcee events in and around the local community. I hope to continue into the future, grow my audience and showcase more of the spectacular places Australia has to offer!

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