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RV Parking Area Approved for Gawler

Gawler is going to get an RV Parking Area! 🚐

Last night's Corporate and Community Services Committee approved that the vacant site on Murray Street South, across the road from the Ambulance Station and alongside the river and SA Water, will become a dedicated all-day parking area for long vehicles!

This will bring great benefits to the community of Gawler, local businesses and of course visitors wanting to explore our beautiful town. It will allow easy access and a short walk to and from our Central Business District, encouraging travellers with caravans, camper vans or camper trailers to stop and park easily, get out and explore our town, shop at our retail stores, grab something to eat and immerse themselves in our heritage.

After much investigating, this site is the most ideal, due to its close proximity to the Main Street, relatively low disruption to neighbouring properties, and already acts as a de facto long vehicle parking area as it stands.

The next steps are now to officially get it approved by Council, engage with the local community and residents, complete earthwork to expand and level the site, add signage and rubbish bins and then promote far and wide that Gawler is a great place to stop at!

While this site is not perfect, and it may not achieve everything that is possible regarding tourism as it stands, I believe it is a great first stop to see how visitors engage with the site and build a case for future tourism initiatives around our town - something I am very much keen on and will be containing to develop during my term on Council

Many of you will know how passionate I am about tourism, and in particular this initiative, so thank you to all those who have supported me in what I believe, is will achieve a great outcome for our community!

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