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Have your say on the proposed code amendment of Vadoulis

Have your say on the proposed code amendment of the Vadoulis Garden Centre at Evanston Park!

You may be aware, there is currently a proposal to alter the current zoning of the land Vadoulis occupies into a 'employment zone' - which would allow bulky goods and the sorts to be built there. The Vadoulis Garden Centre has operated in the location for over 50 years, but sadly for Gawler, it appears they will eventually be shutting up shop and taking a well-learnt rest.

The businesses which may move there are not yet known - however it would be predominantly a 'bulky goods' site.

Please be aware: the changing of a zone is not Council's decision - it is that of the State Government. However, Council has been given the opportunity to consult our community and provide our submission for review, which will carry some weight. But ultimately, it is up to the Department of Planning.

If the re-zoning goes ahead, then it would have a direct impact on the local residents, due to an over 10-metre building in the area, increased noise before and after hours and the increase of traffic. For the broader community, another set of traffic lights would be added to Main North Road/Adelaide Road in front of what is now Vadoulis, which would increase traffic congestion. Furthermore, this may not be the correct site geographically to place such a site, as it could be better suited to more residential properties.

The positives of the rezone may include a large business coming to Gawler, recruiting local employees and providing a new shopping precinct for the community to enjoy close to the heart of Gawler.

I would strongly encourage you, whether you live locally to the proposed site or Gawler more generally, to please submit your feedback, as it will assist Council to form a position on behalf of the community.

You can find out more information and give your feedback via this website:

And have until June 15 to do so. There will also be some face-to-face workshops on the topic for residents - more information in the link above.

Views are my own and not that of the Town of Gawler

Authorised by E. White PO Box 331 Gawler SA 5118

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