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Thank you Gawler

I am so grateful to the Gawler community for entrusting me with the honour of being your Councillor for the next 4 years. Thank you for all the messages of support I have received over the past few days.

Now the hard work begins! I genuinely care about our community and can pledge to you that I will listen and act upon the needs of residents and ratepayers.

Now, delivering on what I promised: increasing youth facilities & programs, expanding our tourism opportunities, developing our entrance statements, supporting community organisations, finding solutions to parking & traffic management in our CBD, beautifying our town even more - these are all things I am extremely passionate about and will ensure are brought to the table.

Campaigning over the past 3 months has been incredible, speaking to the wonderful people of Gawler and finding out what is important to you. I promise this will not be the last time. I will be out as much as possible, speaking to you, attending events and facilitating community consultation, genuinely listening to what is important to our ratepayers.

In fact - I will be out on Murray Street this Saturday morning (weather permitting!) from 9:30am, chatting to local business owners. So, if you are around this Saturday morning, please come say hi!

And, I am always up for a chat, so please feel free to reach out, through social media or by giving me a call on 0458 141 941 and I will be happy to have a chat.

Next week, I will officially be sworn-in is as Councillor, along with my fellow elected members. I will also be progressively updating this page, as well as my website, to keep you informed of what I am doing as Councillor, so please feel free to continue following this Facebook page.

For now, it truly is an honour to continue serving you as your Councillor, and thank you once again for the ongoing support.

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